About Japanese Working Visas

Japanese Working Visas – In order to work in Japan

If a foreigner wants to work in Japan, at the first step is they must to obtain the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) issued by the Japanese immigration Bureau before applying for a visa which related to their working visa that they want to obtain.

Type of working visas in Japan are as follows.

Visa list related with employment

  1. “Professor Visa” (e.g., university professor)
  2. ” Artist Visa” (e.g., composer, painter, writer, etc.)
  3. ” Religious Activities Visa ” (e.g., missionaries dispatched from foreign religious groups)
  4. ” Journalist Visa” (e.g., reporters of foreign press, photographers)
  5. ” Investor/Business Manager Visa” (e.g., business owners, managers)
  6. ” Legal/Accounting Services Visa” (e.g., lawyers, certified public accountants, etc.)
  7. “Medical Visa” (e.g., doctor, dentist, nurse, etc.)
  8. “Researcher Visa” (e.g., researchers of government agencies and private companies)
  9. “Education Visa” (e.g., language teachers in junior high school, high school, etc.)
  10. “Engineer/Humanities/International Services Visa” (e.g., engineers in mechanical engineering, etc., interpreters, designers, language teachers in private companies, etc.)
  11. ” Intra-Company Transferee Visa” (e.g., transfer from a foreign establishment)
  12. “Care Worker Visa” (e.g., care worker)
  13. “Entertainment Visa” (e.g., actors, singers, dancers, professional athletes, etc.)
  14. ” Skilled Labor Visa” (e.g., cooks of foreign cuisine, sports instructors, pilots of aircraft, etc., artisans of precious metals etc.)
  15. “Specific Skills Visa” (* Common to Specific Skills 1 and 2)
  16. “Technical Intern Training Visa” (e.g., skill training student ※ skill training 1 to 3 a and b, all are common)

Flow of documents application

Step 1. Applicants shall send the application form and other necessary documents to Japanese Company.
Note, the company will apply for the “Certificate of Eligibility” (COE) to the Japanese Immigration Bureau on their behalf.

Step 2. After reviewing the documentation, if the applicant is eligible to enter the company, the company will apply for the COE to the Japanese Immigration Bureau on their behalf.

Step 3. After approximately 2 months and a half, the company will receive the result of the COE from the Immigration Bureau.

Step 4. Once the Japanese Immigration Bureau has issued the COE, it will be sent to the company.

Step 5. The company will send the original COE, the employment agreement and information on coming to Japan to the applicants.

Step 6. Applicants shall apply for the “working visa” at a Japanese Embassy/Consulate abroad after you receive the documents.

Step 7. After applicants receive the “working Visa” from a Japanese Embassy/Consulate abroad, please make a booking an air plane ticket and send email the copy of the working visa and a copy of air plane ticket as attachment to the company.

Step 8. Please come to work on the joining date (working start date).

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