Consulting Services

Consulting services for foreign companies

Our company is accepting any kind of consulting for foreign companies about Japanese market.
For example,

  • Desire to do deal with a Japanese companies.
  • Desire to purchase second-hand goods in Japan and import them into your country.
  • Desire to conclude an internship agreement with a Japanese university or company.
  • Desire to know about Type of Japanese Visa.
  • Desire to sell your company products or service in Japanese market.
  • etc.

Our business is not limited above descriptions.
We will act as your agent for foreign company to coordinate with Japanese companies.

About Consulting fee

It depends on the budget of the your company, and the volume of the project, etc., so we will decide based on a discussion.
For example,

  • Consultant fee as Hourly Rate fee basis, when we acting on behalf of your company.
  • If you desire an agency contract based on an incentive fee to sales amount.
  • etc.

Discussion in Thailand is possible

If you would like to discuss with us about a business, we can go to meet you in the vicinity of Bangkok.

Contact us

You are able to contact us by Thai, English or Japanese language, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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